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I would like to start off by satating my name; sky (screen name). I am very intrested in pursuing a carreer in "hacking" or "pen-testing" which ever you perfer to call it i am very intrested in it. I am not a complete "noob" i have successfuly done some hacks and have gotten kali nethunter and kali linux working on my android devices (nexus 5 and 7). I also have kali linux dual booted on my laptop. I have purchesed an alfa external wireless card as well as two RFID readers (both of the common frequency i dont rember them at the top of my head). I am currently using one as a lock for my door though; using arduino. Some hacks that i have done are: A, using reaver on kali linux (which uses an algorithm to decyfer WPS pin routers) i did this using a spare router i had lying around. B, in kali nethunter i used metasploit to make a mallicous APK file and sent it to my other device to test it. I also know C++ programming language (a basic knowledge) and i use arduino C alot as well.

After all tht boring stuff is at of the way, i want to gain a strong knowledge of hacking, not just little how to's (which are fun) but a overall excpert/ proat hacking... Can any kick me in the right direction?

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Welcome Sky to Null Byte! You are in the right place.

You might want to start with my article "Hacking for Newbies".


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