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Hey everyone, i have a question, how can i get the router ip address of a public ip address?


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We discussed it here. See if this can help you.

Ok, i will check it now, thanks.

I "think" i expressed my self wrong, i've got my public ip (my laptop), can i get the router ip, the box in our houses, with my laptop ip so the i can use hydra to crack the gateway login page.

You mean the Local Area Network (internal) IP?

A router has a public IP (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn)
Your laptop has an internal IP (192.168.1.nnn)
Your router also has an internal IP ( in most cases)

Your laptop does not have a public IP, the router does and with Network Address Translation, it's able to respond to the incoming requests from the internet that are looking for your laptop.

If I'm correct, you are connected to the router in a LAN and you are trying to find the internal IP of the router (192.168.1.nnn in other words).

This can be easily done with everyday tools like Nmap and Netdiscover.

If you want your routers internal IP there's also this way if you're running linux (correct me if i'm wrong) route -n

hey i have an error.
When i type the command "airmon-ng", it does not shows any interface such as wlan or mon.....
please help me......

you have, first to know what interfaces you have, do "ifconfig", then the wlan you need to make into promicious mode or monitor mode, do "airmon-ng start wlan0".

If that doesn´t works try this:

Are you using a virtual machine?
Btw it's ot, create another topic.

Well, because airmon-ng alone will show nothing.

ifconfig will show (ifconfig is on the way out tho.)

ip link show (Will show the same info + a little more.)

ip link addr show (Just about the same)

That was a very brief summary of ip link Low level commands.

*We need a thread of just VM related issues.

*I spent time on this. Put there all the main issues about VMs that are usually reported on Null Byte.

Yeah you are right forgot about the awesome guide.

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