Forum Thread: Question for the security Pro's about smart homes and video blog

Question for the security Pro's about smart homes and video blog

Step 1: Question for the Security Pro's About Smart Homes and Video Blog

I remember seeing some articles back in the summer how "some sort " of governing authority had wanted to, or had already made it illegal to use some of the security tools on Kali.

I work in real estate and want to expand my blog to cover some of the things have learned about,

such as exploiting wifi, MITM, ect for potential clients.

I want to do this because we are on the verge of an explosion in growth with smart homes. The things I learn for fun, like using pixiewps with bully, or MITM attacks have underlying problems for the everyday consumers security.

I'd like to start giving product reviews on specific high end routers, ect , and pretty much anything connected on a wireless network.

My question is..what is illegal to post ? If I go out and buy a router or something, and run an exploit tool against it in a video as a demonstration ....can I face legal prob for the using the tools against thing that I have purchased ?

If, for example, I borrow a comcast router, or I rent a comcast router and exploit it as an example of it's a good alternative is to buy a different brand of I dong something illegal ?

In what instances could I be in trouble legally for hacking something I own, or have permission from the owner to use in the video ?

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