Forum Thread: Should I Use ExploitPack ??

I am relatively new to hacking and today I came across ExploitPack. As a student wanting to learn hacking and other related activities such as pentesting, is ExploitPack recommended? Or should one learn using Metasploit first?

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Depends on a lot of things... your computer OS, your skill level, etc. I recommend learning Metasploit since that's more fulfilling than Exploit Pack, but if you are running a Windows PC than Exploit Pack is better since for some reason Metasploit doesn't like Windows. What I did is I added it to my USB since most of the computers I work with outside of my Pi are Windows and I decided it was easier to just download Exploit Pack. Hope that helps. :)

OS is not an issue. I have both Windows and Kali.
Thanks. Your reply helps.

Glad I could be of use. :)

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