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Hey im AugustFackYou. We all know about skiddies. You know those ten year olds who try to take down websites with LOIC. Basicly just people who dont know anything or little about hacking and instead use tools. In my opinion its fine to use tools as long as you know how they work and what they do. Another thing is that if you dont rely on tools alone its also fine. Just tell me what you guys think! -AugustFackYou

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I agree to a extent... understanding why this does what is necessary, but my version of a script kiddie are those annoying ten year olds who brag about being a hacker, but yet don't know even what Kali is. basically the average kid on XBox/PlayStation/mobileMMOs who uses programs (like CheatDroid) to modify game variables, ruin people's game, then call themselves the "best hacker in the world"?

Yea I hate those kids too.

Posts about what is and what isn't a script kiddie gets kind of silly because everyone gets overly heated up about it.

I agree. This discussion is a waste of energy and resources. Discussions such as these only serve to discourage newcomers.

I completely agree with Qualeb and OTW. Although I appreciate you taking the time to open up a discussion, being a "skiddy" really is just a label that the hacker community has been throwing at newcomers for a while.

Anybody can learn, and everyone should.

A skiddie is simply someone who uses hacking tools but has no knowledge of how they, or the systems they "penetrate", work.

They have next to zero knowledge about our field, yet claim the hacker title, which more or less makes them posers. Something I, personally, find hilarious.

A newbie is not a skiddie, they are actively seeking to learn more about the field.

It's a very simple difference.


Someone who can not think like a hacker, and does not even want to, is a script kiddie.

-The Joker

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