Forum Thread: Some Questions.

  1. How do I know what computer is connected to the local wifi and what OS are they using?
  2. Is OSX/iOS hackable? How?
  3. Is Window 8, 8.1 and 10 exploitable?
  4. Is there an exploit that is compatible for most system?
  5. EDIT: Also, my friend said that: LOIC and ping command in cmd (enter ip/website here) is a type of DoS and he tried to DoS google this morning, true or false?

Thank you guys, i'm really new to this, i'm sorry if i ask more questions :).

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4 Responses

  1. By scanning
  2. Yes, every system is hackable. What depends is difficulty.
  3. Exploits in cross platform applications.
  4. Loic is a dos tool. But pinging is not DoS.

-The Joker

  1. I think there are tools (like NMap) that can see what is connected to the wifi
  2. People will say that "iOS/OSX does not get viruses because its based on Linux". That is false. Its hackable, just some things, harder than others...
  3. I think so...
  4. Cross platform.
  5. Google has an implementation that filters and/or blocks unusual requests. (making it difficult to take down.)

I will only address your last question as the others have been adequately addressed by the others.

There are many ways to DoS a system. Ping is just one way and it seldom works any more as nearly every secure network blocks ping. If your friend is trying to DoS Google, good luck to him!

thank you :D

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