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I noticed that lately there aren't that much interesting tutorials etc... So i thought maybe if you guys comment what you want to see and what tutorials you want to have then maybe the creators could have an idea on what you guys want to learn.

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perhaps explain how to create a zero-day exploit?

You can't really explain that because it's kind of an art. @BlackHeart


I meant like explaining what it takes, give some directions perhaps @Phoenix750 ?

Kind of a broad topic there because each vulnerability has its own exploit so it's not that simple. There is no single exploit that can be used in every situation.

yeah I thought so. I'd appreciate some guidance about the types of vulnerabilities, how they work and how to learn the 'art' . I'm a pretty much a novice and I'm kind of lost on where should i focus on. Almost every time I try run an exploit, AV detection prevents that from happening so I'd pretty much like an article about exploits and evading AV in-detail.

P.S. sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue

If you want to know the vulnerabilities, you'll have to understand the underlying code, what makes those vulnerabilities and why it happens. Once you know those details, only then can you know how to exploit them. As for antivirus evasion, you'll need to have the proper foundation about how the software works. If you don't know this or haven't seen how malware uses techniques to remain undetected you're pretty much in the dark.

What I'm trying to say is that you can't expect to do these types of things overnight. There's so much out there to learn and so much information you'll need before doing something like this and the reality of it is that it's not an easy task. Take some time to learn the fundamentals and build yourself up from there.

thanks for the advice

At best, one can write about the methodology of a security reasercher to find vulnerabilities.

I am writing a tutorial for exploit development so you will have it

The tutorial I'm looking for right now is how to avoid AV IPS/IDS.

Well I'm off to college next for cybersecurity, so maybe something along the lines of information gathering/data mining.

Maybe a tutorial about how to hack into wearable devices(i.e. Samsung Gear, Google Glasses, etc...) since it's a rising industry in the IT world?

I'm going to start a series on hacking the IoT in 2016.


Oh, okay then.
I'll be looking forward to the series :)

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