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Hi All,

Lately, i've taking a liking to the tutorials provided on Null Byte in Python and Ruby. I had one question that I feel is important before getting deep into it and Google hasn't provided a straight answer. My questions are:

  1. Are there limitations that make Python and/or Ruby a weak programming language when it comes to IS?
  2. Will these languages forever be useful 10-20 years down the road if I specialize in IS?
  3. Is one preferred over the other when it comes to IS?

Any answer or pointing in the general direction is appreciated.

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They are unable to connect directly to the machine itself and instead run through an interpreter.

C is still useful after 30 years, so without a doubt these languages will be too.

It doesn't matter which you learn, because once you learn a programming language you can understand the others easier.

These languages are used for the simple things. spoofing tools, sniffers, etc. These languages make it easy and fast to make tools that don't require a lot of specification.

Why take a few days to build something in C when you could spend a few hours in Python/Ruby?


That's how I feel defalt. I've learned a good amount of java and didn't really enjoy programming. It's only until recently i've fallen for Ruby and Python and I am starting to enjoy programming. I may have to look at C and give it a chance but I have a strange feeling about it...

Thank you both for responding back :)

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