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Ok first of all I'm new to this site so apologies if I do anything wrong. And I'm pretty new to hacking in general so yeah I know it's a script kiddie thing to use but I tried hydra and I can't do it.

So when I perform a dictionary attack on instagram there is a delay but the delay is way too long (1 second) so is there anyway to delete that or make it shorter? Also after a while instagram just bans your ip and says "the user doesn't exist" so my idea around this would be to open it with tor but I don't know how I would make it open with tor.

EDIT: I think I was using an older version at the time you can set the delay with -t (I think).

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mine just wont open a firefox window after it says 1 second of delay

Do you have selenium installed? I had that problem.

yes i have selenium installed i updated it just today and i still get the problem


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