Kali Linus Error: Permission Denied

Im on root, running Kali 2.0 on Debian-64, Every time I try to test out an insatgram Brute forcer (.py script) I get the error: Permission Denied

root@kali:~# cd Desktop
root@kali:~/Desktop# ls
armitage DVWA-1.0.8 fb-bruter.pl password.txt
ddos-script-master facebook.py instaBrute-master
root@kali:~/Desktop# cd instaBrute-master
root@kali:~/Desktop/instaBrute-master# ls
dictionary.txt instaBrute.py LICENSE mainLib.py README.md usernames.txt
root@kali:~/Desktop/instaBrute-master# ./instaBrute.py
bash: ./instaBrute.py: Permission denied

Im pretty sure im not doing naything wrong and that im on root. Help would be greatly appreciated :D

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Did you try this?

chmod 777 InstaBrute.py

You can run the script with python instaBrute.py. When you try to execute with ./ the file must have permission to execute. To change the permissions you can use chmod +x instaBrute.py

there is a brute forcer for instagram? is instagram not locking out IP's or accounts then?

and like Ciuffy and no web said: the file probably has no execution privileges. you have 2 options to run the file. 1st option:

python InstaBrute.py

or try to give the file execution privileges:

chmod 777 InstaBrute.py


Apparently, it does not lock. tried this script and put my password at the 20th item in the list, and it worked fine

buddy which version of python were u using ?
i tried it yesterday and i am facing some problems. can you help a bit.?

If you're going to run it like ./Instabrute , then aswell as chmoding it you might need to make sure the script has a shebang line at the top.

Ex: #!/usr/bin/env python
So you can run it without typing python first

I'll try thanks guys, and apparently not, Instagram has a vulnerability where it doesn't lock you out from what I heard from NO WEB, all credits to him for finding this !

Once I enter "Python instabrute.py" says you have to set an username or user file?

these are the usernames you want to crack.


I already have them set...

You can use python instaBrute.py -u <instagram_account> -d <dictionary>
The -u option is for setting a specific username, the -d is for the password file you want to use.

It worked!!! Thanks just got messed up with the command

Instagram, just saying, given your users, step up your sec factor.

Right? Pretty ridiculous.


I agree.

And guys, the same can be said about facebook. There is a major security flaw in facebook called the "reconnect bug". Sakurity reported it to facebook but they refused to fix it. So they released a tool on how to exploit it here.

Wow that's an amazing exploit, any known Python scripts of it? Because if not I'm gonna try to make one in the future

yep lol and they probably have the same facebook passwords, and if your using CUPP than... your probably gonna get their info in like couple hours

Um I rether you chmod 744 it since the world doesn't need execute permissions

my kali linux is showing the authentication failure after entering the right details now what can i do to access this

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