Forum Thread: Various Obfuscating Tools

Currently, I have created a windows/meterpreter/reverse<us>tcp using Veil-Evasion. I used PEScrambler on it and 8/55 of the AVs on Virustotal find the Trojan. Does anyone else know another obfuscating tool (or something else that does the same job). When I use Hyperion over my PEScrambled payload, even more AVs find it.

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Not sure about the obfuscation software, but using Virustotal is not really that smart as once they scan the payload or file they develop a signature for it and notify all the AV developers from what I've heard so it's better to use another method to test out all your files.

Oh alright. Is a vm safe? So I can personally test them?

Yes, once you get an OS running in a vm you can install an AV on it and conduct whatever tests you fancy.

Thanks OBSRV!

Also, complete different question ;), how can I use asterisks and underscores without formatting my text with Bold and Italic parts?

For underscores, instead of putting one underscore, put two and it will appear as a single one, I believe it's the same with the asterisks.

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