Forum Thread: Website Link That I Could Send to Someone to Get Their IP Address?

Is there a website that I could send the link to someone and when they open the link it sends me their IP address? I searched to see if there was anything on it but I couldn't find anything.

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You could do your own website that does this.

How would you do that? (i'm a noob)

You both hardcorely seriously didn't even try.

Anonymity is another thing.


There is on the web a free service that does that. Instead of sending a link, you send an image costume made by them, and has soon the image is open it sends info to the website and in there you can check the IP address. Yes you need to register on that site (can remember the name).


I'm new here, however I have experience.

Works all right. However all of the site's links contain the 'Blasze' domain in the IP logger link. Completely unknown link which could induce curiosity. However if they see it they could be questioning of the authenticity of the link.

This is my general tool of use. The best feature has to be the fact that you have a large list of links which you can disguise your logger as (, and Granted, they don't look exactly like the real links however people tend to fall for these because of the general comfort people feel when seeing a YouTube link.

This is quite a new one I found, it requires you sign up however it comes with an IP logger, a geolocation tool and even a proxy checker all in the one place. And that's not even forgetting the online stresser which comes along side it. The links include '' in front of the intended page of redirection. If you place it in front of a news article or something of similar origin then this is an extremely discreet method of IP logging.

Does give you the original VPN provider's name? I got an IP address but it's clearly a proxy .....can I find the original vpn provider?

Thanks Jason
I use the Google Shortner to mask

Just use the Metasploit Autopwn, or BeeF, on your own site. Autopwn would get a meterpreter on the machine, and BeeF would hook their brower

(They both display the IP, I think :P)
Just realized this is an old thread.

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