Forum Thread: What Are the Best Hacking Forums or Community Websites?

Can you list the best sites?

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I'll list them, no links.

Let's start from Null Byte (he-he).

(Metasploit maintainers, they also have a forum based on Metasploit)
Infosec (They post a lot of interesting guides, tutorials and high level documentation there)

If you are looking for a forum I know EvilZone, but never dived into it too much, however you can find a lot of documentation there too.

When I first started interesting to hacking I found some blogs like HackaDay and Break the security. (they also have youtube channel).

About pure documentation I send you to Metasploit Unleashed, Infosec itself and recommend you the book "The browser hacker's handbook", and all the relative articles on their website (the holy grail of browser hacking,IMO).

I found a very cool Youtube channel which is called Hak5 (they also have a forum), which records an ongoing series of episodes where you can learn a lot about metasploit and hacking in general. If you want more, on youtube you can find all the Defcon and Blackhat conferences, which is an endless shower of knowledge.

I feel like going on talking about blogs is OT, so tell me if you need it or not, if I remember more I'll edit the post and add that.

Also correct me if I said something wrong.
If this is considered spam, delete this post.

wow! thanks a lot! Yes please do.

Well, i guess is useful for the community too:
Carnal Ownage: I found some of his posts extremely useful, about windows exploitation and else.

Eli the computer guy (also a youtube channel): i think he's actually a teacher, his speeches are very interesting and... well... I can't find the word, something like "very good if you are still learning".

Since we are talking about security, I found a very useful forum that posts updates about "Exploit kits", which are illegal and use some of the most common exploits out there (useful to understand how are they built and mounted on a real attack and how to defend by them, just what you were asking not long ago, was it?).

Room 362: this it the Rob Fuller's blog (from Hak5).

Vishnu Valentino's blog (hacking-tutorial): this is pretty useful, a lot of simple articles, one of the first I've ever visited.

I wanted to share this awesome HD Moore's speech (Metasploit staff) which I found very helpful, where he sort of predicted the short future of hacking:

Also, I'm aware that this is formally spam as wrote in the rules, but you could cheek out my own blog where I spent a lot of time and effort putting together references from the deep internet (though with a terrible english) specially in my first posts, is called "Ciuffy's blog".

So those were the ones that I actually follow most (and the ones which I started talking about hacking with), but there's a lot more (same, if I remember more I'll post), and people with more knowledge will surely tell you more (so many "more"s, sorry).

Btw: now when I search my own blog on google, this topic is right after it. I hope that with this it won't get even higher!

If this is considered spam, delete it immediately.

Ciuffy compiled a outstanding list of some I would recommend myself. Another I would recommend is Great for learning programming languages if you don't like staring at a book for long hours. Don't get me wrong I love reading but my learning style is more visual so this accommodates me well.

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Guys i just found a admin login page of a website.How can i bypass the username and password i tried bruteforcing it but no use can anyone help me?

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