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Hi there! I was just wondering, let's say we've got this set up:

We're on a local network (, I have got no access to any other devices except my computer. What can I do to gain access to other devices? Without sending any kind of file to the victim machine (i.e. something created by msfvenom) I'm just wondering, because all the testing I have done on my network all revolved around either phishing sites and sending malicious files to victim machine. So I'm wondering if there is anything we can do without sending things through email or files.


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Once you're in the network but can't find any vulnerability to exploit on the other device in order to gain access. You can start with a Man-in-the-Middle attack (it's rather easy to do once in the local network, and work quite well on unprotected network like most personal network) between your target and the router. Then you can eavesdropping for any credential or data if your victim is careless enough to use unencrypted protocol to transport valuable data.

It's just an example, but you can try various other attack based on communication protocol if you find no exploitable vulnerability.

you should port forward your router

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