Forum Thread: What's with the Negative Kudos Spree?

A majority of posts I see on here usually had positive kudos, but recently a ton of posts are being down voted, even ones that are useful or are just asking questions.

Heck, someone's "introduction" was downvoted...such a warm welcome. I know a few were downvoted for a legit reason, but it just seems like there is way more negativity.

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I agree, and disagree. I have also seen a huge spring in down votes on a lot of posts. However, I have also seen a huge spring in posts that simply copy and paste the description of a youtube video or other article.

Yeah, I'm with Cameron here. We don't like copying and pasting like ddos is doing. I don't know why the introduction was downvoted. It was probably just some jerk. Now, if you are talking about Nullf0x, that's a bit different of a story.

I also hate copying and pasting.

Yes, I have already experienced it, but nevermind, I balanced them out and will do for others too.

Personally, I usually only down vote spam and obvious plagiaris.
I absolutely disagree with that random downvote you are quoting.
What's important is the greetings in the comments anyway. That shows that who downvoted just didn't have better to do.


I think that what makes this site great is that anyone who writes a How To knows how to do that so well that they can explain it wth their own words.

Personally, I find pretty annoying following a video explanation on something, although others may find it better. If that's your case, you can search on youtube for something you'd like to get explained that way, there's a good chance someone already made a video of it.

About the downvotes... That was a harsh welcome, I upvoted it in hopes to get it to 0 at least. And if I see that a post has hidden comments, I unhide them and see if there was a reason to hide them or not (I usually find that reason and downvote it as well)

And Emily Ann, I think you're as capable as anyone with two hands and a brain to become a good hacker, it's a shame you feel buillyied, as there are not soooo many active members here (most are ghosts)

Agree with everything.

Sometimes a video can ne actually better, since it shows each step and how to link the different phases together. That said, it happens rarely.

in my opinion the voting system on Null byte is much friendly on stackoverflow...

If you ask a question which is a little off topic or you just dont understand something and make a mistake in asking a question prepare for your question to be shutdown or downvoted....

Greetings, If and when I down vote you it is for(all that apply):
lack of detail,
lack of ethics,
you shouldn't be telling that,
you have no clue what you are saying,
you copy and pasted and didn't make it any better,
spambot ,
you spam the boards with babble,
you want somebody to do it for you,
you are a poser,
you are wasting our time with nonsensical banter,
you look better than me,
you don't know what a back up tape is,
you can't tell me on demand sections of koomeys law,
you put your pants on before your shoes,
you make posts like this..,
you crave kudos..,
you can't make a net from string,
you make posts about why not to throw away eggshells,
you make me write sheet like this......,
etc * infni

LOL "you look better than me,"

I couldn't agree more CyberHitchHiker.

I'm clapping this, right now.
All of them, each by each.

apt-get autoremove trolls && apt-get install -f

Truthfully who cares about kudos? I've never tried to help anyone because I thought it would give more kudos. Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose and/or goal of null-bytes when I joined, but I believed it was simply a place that white-hat hackers could share their knowledge and experiences with each other regardless of their skill level so that everyone could learn.

You are 100% correct. Most of us don't ask for Kudos, it's just something given if someone wants to give it. I just like sharing all the interesting discoveries/works I find/make.

Honestly, I just rialized this place is awesome and join. Pretty much the introduction of my first post #Trestore. Also, writing is a positive challenge for me. It makes you think about what you learnt deeper, since you actually have to explain it.

Someone once said that you only truly know something, when you are able to explain it to someone. With that said I mustn't know anything about hacking since I haven't made a single tutorial/how-to post yet xP. On the other hand I know a bit about C++. I digress but do you think a post on explaining classes, inheritance and/or polymorphism would be helpful in a penetration testing context? I understand these concepts decently, but I don't know if there are any applications in this world..

Thanks and sorry I got of topic

Yes, please share with us.


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