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Hi guys I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of any possible ways to hack whatsapp? Like intercepting the messages going to another phone

pleaseee help

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Yes, you can spoof/spy on whatsapp on someone else's phone.

Just install it again, put the victim's phone number, some how just to his/her phone, and get the verification code from the SMS, and delete the message. If you type anything after you have gained access to the victim's whatsapp messenger, they will become suspicious.

You can also do this with Kali from a remote location by following this guide:


thanks alot F.E.A.R.

I'm assuming that now that I've done that if I backup their messages and copy it to my phone and restore them it will work? but of course they might notice

You can hack by SS7 attack which allows you to access somebody's whatsapp account.

Dear Rishab,
It's not that easy to get SS7 flaw because i am searching for it from past 9 months on clearnet and i got nothing.
If you are having it i guess you can help me to get it.

Because it is hardware and we not get it easily, police use it for tracing location and whatsapp msg

Nah it is not a hardware.
It is a software which is used by networking companies like airtel,vodaphone and others.

Police has no use of it or in other words police is not allowed to get someones OTP and access to their social media sites

Just....Just....I don't have a response to that stupid question.

Classic, stupid is as stupid does. Stupid don't ask questions but stupid does sarcasm.

Hi i want to ask how we hack wtsapp

trojan , spy , sniff , ..................

the whatsapp messages are stored in the gmail account, you may try as FEAR says and see what will happen. try it on your number and share with us.

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