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Is there anyway you can get some practice doing an entire hack, beginning to end, as realistic as possible, simulated as realistically as possible without doing anything risky and immoral? If you set up your own Virtualbox you know the applications and services, whereas I'm looking for a way where you basically start off blind, do recon, work up from there, etc.

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Hack This Site does website testing... but that's all I know of. Just have a friend setup a random OS, I guess...

Yeah, but he wants a blind test, where he has to do scanning and analysis to figure out the OS, and then move on from there.

It would be sweet if you could swap .ISO's loaded with an OS and pre-setup services, and randomly share them amongst people, however security implications and copyright/etc make this more difficult in practice.

Definitely set up a virtual environment.

Have a virtual windows machine running, and beginning to end, write your payloads, send them to the virtual computer, and watch it become your slave computer.

Really the best part of ethical hacking is getting to hack your own systems! :D

Hope this helps.

You'll run out of images soon, but I've heard Kloptrix VM images are nice to practice with :)

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