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I have been think for some time and decided it would be cool to be able to script and mod online games I have the dedication but I don't know where to start: I have

No coding experience .
No clue what half of the computer words are.
No idea what I'm doing.
If you could post it out some sources for learning or tell me where to start I'd be very thankful!

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1: Just try things on the computer and that stuff(idk)

2: Try to learn python (it's a simple programming language) because it will be easier to learn other programming languages(you don't have to learn the entire language - like learn simple things -> functions, math, how to use loops) ...

3: Learn java-script and java(google-chrome uses java-script ---you will use javascript that will do things that you coded )

4: Try to make a script for a game that isn't so complicated
5: Try to make a mod that isn't so complicated

6: If you wanna make a script/mod you must know what do you do in this game and how it works(if it is sending data to servers(like Clash of Clans) or your computer is processing all the data- like Ballon Tower Defence Battles)

Try to code a script that will do things instead of you on this game Cookie clicker:
I never tried to code mods/scripts .....

Haha, loved that game. but was not that fun, because I coded and used auto-clicker.

  1. Learn C language, python( you know one, the rest is easy).
  2. learn how computers works. (I know a good website, but it is not in English...)
  3. learn linux.
  4. learn more languages.

You see you are in a good way :D you know more than me probably !

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