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Lets start.. why often when we try to send emails through telnet goes in spam instead of inbox.. Ever wondered??
I am not expert, let me first tell you and please do correct me if i am wrong.
So after some research i found that when we sent emails through telnet.

The Received : path is our Public IP. which is the main reason i think how google differentiates an spoofed email and regular email. While when we send email normally through gmail accounts, the Received : path is different. you can view this in email headers..

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Email header when email sent through telnet.. See the red underlined ( Its OUR public IP)

And email sent through normal Gmail account

And when sent through, if not seen my previous article then

I hope i am correct.. And everyone got it how it works..
If so then can anyone tell me how can i change the
Received: from "myIP" to that of "" as shown in 3rd image.

--Anamika (TG)

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Good find! I'm sure with the brilliant minds on Null Byte someone will find away to get it into the inbox. If not, we always have services available to us. :D

Well because of the way the Internet Protocol works you can't really spoof your public but there are alternatives. The best alternative I can think of is to, like CyberHitchker said, find a trusted smtp server from which you can send emails that do always go into spam.

The location of the email isn't the only thing that matters when gmail chooses whether to send it to spam or not. Things like the content, its it a know phising template, does it claim to be from a company its not from, are the pictures used made to look like big companies logo, etc.

You should always test your emaiuls on your own emails before sending them to target to amke sure that it pass the spam filter.

If your intrested, this article goes into depth of email spoofing:

Its isn't excatly what you were looking for but a good alternative all the same.


Yea, thanks WASHU.
And i hope i find a way to do email spoof.

The best way I've found, short of setting up an server yourself, is to use sharpmail (your article actually introduced me to it) since its the only one that goes to the inbox. Although i don't know for how much time it will still work, lets hope for quite some time :)


i tried to send email through sharpmail using telnet but the authentication part only goes wrong.. dont get it why

Danny Danny Danny, You my friend are out of touch with this post. You could of made at least 1 legit post before the spam?

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