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I've been trying different ways to get a a payload onto my second computer with windows 10. Is it possible to get some of the exploits in metasploit to work on windows 10? Or should I set up a vm with windows XP?

I'm using Kali 2.0

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In metasploit you can see the details of every single exploit! And there you'll find on what system it works so you need to use the ones that are compatible with windows 10. That's it!

What I do is to eg. type search type:exploit platform:windows adobe pdf but I don't see where it says what OS it supports. Is there another command I should use, or am I just not looking the right place? Thank you

Take an exploit and use it:
use "exploit"
Then write:

okay then. I just thought there was an easier way to do it.

First, Windows 10 is fairly new. It takes time to develop exploits. If you looking for exploits for 10, go to and check in there and exploit-db.

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