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Just wondering, in terms of using proxies just for general browsing, is it worth it? If so, any advice on avoiding honeypots and perhaps you can share own experiences on the subject?

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You're better of using a shell to be anonymous, or a VPN if you can get your hands on a good one.

Anytime that you use a proxy, make sure you're only using ones that are fully anonymous and avoid enabling things that could reveal your location, like JS, flash etc.

But, for browsing from home, as long as you know your network is safe and your firewall is doing its job, you sohuld be fine :D.

If you are on a private network you should be fine, like a home network. But if you are on a work network or public network I would use one all the time. I personally have to use one all the time as I am always on a public-ish network. I would make your own proxy and use something like "foxy proxy" or "proxy switchy" as a way to change your browser's proxy settings

If you are simply browsing standard sites then you can use plugins like AdBlock to strip away ads and other annoying features you might not want. Otherwise it doesn't sound like you need a proxy right now, unless you need to break out of some browsing restrictions on your network (as M Herman pointed out)

Google i2p and Tor and avoid free VPNs like the plague. There is a reason they are free you know!

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