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Hello Fellow Hackers!

Since i'm studying some fundamental stuff about operating systems and architecture, i want to know if you guys have some resources to recommend, in order to understand the process of jailbreaking/rooting a mobile device. Mainly books, because i love books =)

I believe that we should understand as much as we can about such a thing.

what topics should i know, before begin studying/understanding this reverse engineering process?

As always, i'm looking for advices/orientation and resources.
Thank you!

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you can't learn rooting specifically, because it varies from device to device on how to jailbreak/root.

the good news is, the only thing you need to be able to root is using google.


Yes, it varies from device to device.

But i believe there are some general stuff, like how an ARM based OSystem handles credentials, superuser permissions(like the 'su' linux command) , and how a Root App(like the ChainFire app) interacts with the OS, firmware.

Its amazing how Security Researchs come up with exploits and black hat techniques in this mobile field.

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