Forum Thread: Arpspoof - No Connectivity on Physical Machine

Today, if I want to arpspoof a physical machine form a VM, I have to arpspoof from the physical adapter (wlan0), not from the virtual eth0.

Before (like one month ago), I was able to arpspoof a physical machine even when I arpspoof from the virtual eth0.

Why does it not work today ? I've tried with my old snapshot and it's not working. I tried on vmware and virtual box too.

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Let's forget about arpspoof for a second.

What's weird is that, on the remote physical machine, "arp -a" shows that the guest vm mac address is the same as the hosts mac address.

It works if I changed the virtualbox adapter, used by Kali vm, to the ethernet adapter instead of the wireless one.

Any idea why it's not working anymore with the wireless adapter ? It was working before ?

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