Forum Thread: AWUS036NHA Power Up.

Anyone managed to increase power on AWUS036NHA? Please, explain how. I've found few posts online, but none of them seem to worked for me.

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I've got the AWUS036H but the following steps work for me:

  1. power down your network card (mine shows as wlan1): ifconfig wlan1 down
  2. set your network card to a land code that allows higher tx power; GY for Guyana works for me: iw reg set GY
  3. increase the tx power to 30 (the AWUSH036H allows up to 30 dbm): iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30
  4. reactivate your network card: ifconfig wlan1 up
  5. check the tx power with iwconfig

I hope this gets you out of the woods.

I believe I've tried this one, though used Bolivia instead Guyana, but iwconfig still showing me that I'm at 20, though figures seem to change on wavemon.

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