Botnets: Using Controlled Computers to Have a Very Fast Internet

Is this possible, to use every computer you've hacked to make a faster internet connection for your network? Let's say they have an acceptable internet speed.

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i Think that's not possible, but lets wait for who really knows this hahahaha

Hey, no it is not possible.

Every pakage has to go it´s way into the internet. Whether or not you have control over some computers it won´t give you a connection improvement.

You have to think it this way:
The packages you are sending and receiving need to go to your computer. Through the internet :)
It doesn´t matter how their speed is for your computer.

Each time you send a packet it goes to an exchange point, it bounces from point to point until it reaches the server destination. Forcing your packets through a peer-to-peer botnet will go from exchanges, to bot, and then back out to exchanges.

It does not help with speed.

That being said; a botnet can be setup in many different ways. You can have a single control server sending out commands, multiple control servers, you can have a single control server sending commands to a few bots, and then those bots forward the commands out to other bots in a hierarchical system, there are also peer-to-peer botnets.


Oh that was well said haha :) So any ideas how to make internet speed faster? Or is there a way we can hack the or manipulate the speed? How I'm getting the idea that it has to do with the physical devices right?

The speed is determined by connection quality for the most part, the device you're connecting with has a very small and limiting factor to speed.

For instance, copper lines (poor quality) will transfer data much slower than a fibre optic (good quality) connection.

It's not up to you; it all boils down to the communications infrastructure of the country you're in and the countries your packets are passing through.


This makes me think of a question I've had for a bit: How does one go about creating and using a botnet? Are there any tutorials on this subject?

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