Forum Thread: Can't Connect to ZTE F609 Anymore Wirelessly

Yesterday, i've been messing with my router. i found out that i could 'Permit' (allow) spesific MAC Address. So i went to my router gateway , logged in, and search for WLAN > Access Control Lists From there, i want to permit some MAC's from my devices, so i click from the dropdown list to choose what method(block/permit), i click 'permit'. But, the router suddenly kicked everybody off the router. I've searched on internet what's the problem, the problem was because 'i didnt put the MAC address first'. It supposed to be: Put the MAC address first, then click the option to block/permit. Now, it seems like my router act to Permit 'None' , since i leave the MAC address column blank when i click 'Permit'. Now, no devices can connect to my router wirelessly

I found the way to fix this, is to connect trhough LAN cable, and go to gateway, and fix the problem. But, my LAN port on my laptop didnt (somehow) detect it, i think it's already broken. The second option is to Reset My router. But, i didnt know the setting to the router i should put, since it was set by the technician in the first place. Now my choice is to call technician, but it'll be arrived 2 - 3 days from now. Is there any workoaround that i could try? i've tried using Aireplay-ng on my linux, and try to --fakeauth , it says something like 'your AP rejected your MAC address' , therefore i couldnt connect. Maybe i can Spoof my MAC address to something that my router can 'let me through'?? Or is there any workaround here? Every suggestion is appreciated (sorry for bad english, not native) Thank you!


I wanna know how to gain access to my WiFi again wirelessly (since the router blocking everyone trying to connect), and go to gateway and fix it.

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