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We've entered a new era in the history of human-kind in the last decade. Almost from the beginning of time, wars have been fought with physical violence meaning spears, knives, arrows, bullets, bombs and attack helicopters. Now, wars can be fought with a single computer. If an aggressor nation or rebel movement can attack and shutdown another nation's electrical grid, water system, sewer system and communications, they won't last very long in a war.

Russia launched a DoS attack against the former Soviet state of Georgia before they invaded South Ossetia in 2008 and the U.S. launched a sophisticated worm known as Stuxnet against Iran in 2010. Everyday, hackers from China hack into U.S. and other nation's computer systems. Unpublicized cyber wars are raging around the world all the time.

This new type of warfare doesn't require multi-billion dollar aircraft carriers and millions of soldiers, but rather a select few cyber warriors with the skills to knock out the other nation's critical infrastructure. Some people have speculated that this new era of warfare actually levels the playing field between nations as small nations with few military resources might be able to equal such superpowers as the U.S., China and Russia.

What do you think?

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3 Responses

It's a true statement that can prove the smallest of nations could have or supply the determining factor in a war. For instance -- say countries A and B are at war with countries 1 and 2, and countries A and B choose to be the aggressor and attack first via DoS. Now, country B does not have the technological intel or sophisticated software by talented programmers whereas country A does; furthermore, country B has, instead, a much higher population at arms for invasion where country A is the smallest country in the world with the lease amount of population for arms or in total. This mutual beneficial bond and relationship between the two allows and sets forth the invasion plans of shutting down communications and the electrical grid of countries 1 and 2, which allows country B to invade silently, punishing sections of countries 1 or 2 without word ever getting out for help or to coordinate strategical counter attacks, thus proving them painfully maimed or defeated.

It's shocking how something as simple as a keystroke can hinder a country cut off temporarily. Cyber warfare is definitely the next evolution and key role in war for the 21st century. And given has things are now, if shit hits the fan, it'll happen like this:

  1. Severe disagreement between two countries.
  2. They both decide they're at war.
  3. One country launches a cyber attack to shut down electrical, communicational, and defense weaponry temporarily.
  4. And finally, the red button is hit launching nukes into the air following the electrical and defense shutdown allowing nukes to safely land their targets destroying miles and miles of people, armies, etc.

Now, what about a UPS's influence in the manner? Or a generator for key sections of defense stations and communications? Like several UPS setup strategically throughout for bare minimum support for defense and comm.?

Hmm well..not very right...those so called small nations are small in everything, this implies small in educational resources..which means less skilled ppl to perform these attacks and level the ground...I just started a computer engineering course here in Italy, I came from one of those so called small nations..although now i live here...and the fact is....the difference is soooo gonna take time...lots of time...there are some ppl in some parts of the world lacking simple resources like computers and in computer classes two or three ppl have to sit behind a single know when you dont have such think they don't exist and when you hear ppl talk about find is soo hard to believe but thats it...

the big fishes are going to be big fishes for a long time...cos they don't sit down waiting for the small fishes to grow..they keep on getting bigger and bigger...and when we talk about the computer world...with all those new findings every year....there is a long way to go...

...most of those small nations don't do researches...they wait for the big guys to find and later thats it...more money...more research...more students i can train...more POWER!!!...something the small fishes are no where near to matching...

anyway master OTW..i have a questiong...running my avg antivirus i get...idt entry..hook -> 000..and some i have to fear? lol thanks...the avg antivirus says..can't remove

I used an example which could be interchanged however the circumstances are. It's just a simple example using a smaller nation of "few military resources", example, being their military population of arms or number of infantry units compared to other nations. Population of arms was an example of how a nation could be considered "smaller" than another. Simple as that. It's A comparison factor. Everything else is unknown or unrelated. Didn't mean to offend -- if I did.

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