Forum Thread: How Do I Run the Program Network Manager?

Im trying to set up a vpn on kali and on all of the tutorials I see, people go to the top right corner and click on Network Manager,but when I do, it doesn't show that as an option, so how do I run the program to set up a vpn?

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You have Kali Light?

No I just have normal Kali installed, also I just installed it so im pretty nooby with linux.

First you're going to want to look over your VM setup. What hypervisor are you using?

If it's virtualbox make sure you're set to bridged or NAT networking. Not sure what the exact settings are in VMware or other hypervisors. If that doesn't get you anywhere try running ifup eth0 and see if that brings you up.

Yes it seems you will need to install it. This can be accomplished by running: "sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp"

He might just need a working interface on this box. If you don't have any active connections you don't see an icon in the upper right, even if it's installed and starting properly. Most likely causes are a box with no interfaces connected to anything or a VM with no valid networking setups.

If you disconnected it manually in the upper right you can also go to network in settings and try toggling the network you're trying to use on.

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