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how a computer could be random isn't just following commands ( like in spins or randomizing answers with programming language ) ?!


why when we use a vpn still anyone in my local network could sniff my packets .? is there any way to encrypt my packets while sending it the router or modem ?

is there is a something with touchpad in kali linux it became so sensitive after update ..
could we name meterpreter sessions in metasploit ..
in kali linux when i spoof my mac address then use
$ service network-manager restart
and connect to the AP again my Real mac address returns ..
but when i disconnect the spoofed mac returns .

sniffing isn't working anymore on kali linux i tried alot of tools and scripts but i got nothing i surf internet with my other laptop and vm's but i got nothing on what ever tool i use

also sometimes the internet cut off ?!

edit : i get dns query with hamster+ferret+ettercap

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A computer can never be truly random. We create algorithms to produce unique and pseudo-random results however.

what about my other questions ?! :D

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