Forum Thread: How to find my girl frien face book pass word

Want to know my girl friend facebook password

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plsz. help me its related to my life. I will she will cheated me

if she logs into her facebook on our laptop you could key log yourself. But I have the strange feeling you just going to keep posting "pls help pls help" since you could've searched for this and found it on null-byte and on google, but resort to asking us instead.

Please refer to my article here.


Why don't you just talk to her? If you still really suspect her of cheating then break up with her and tell her why you are doing it. Hacking her Facebook is definitely not the way to go. No good relationship starts out this way.

Well,that's pretty much why i said that posts should be Confirmed before being published.

Because spying on her private stuff is so gonna go over well.

Suck it up and confront her, instead of begging people to tell you how to invade her privacy and possibly break a few laws.

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