Forum Thread: First Time you ever used Linux.

Post the first time you ever used Linux, I don't care what distro it was just when, if you don't know what to put try this:

How old were you:

What Distro was it:

Did you like it?:

Did you stay with it?:

What distro do you currently use?:

Okay now I will go,

I was around 11 when I first tried Linux many moons ago, I believe it to have been Ubuntu (I know, I know what a noob). I kinda liked it and I also didn't I had no idea what to do with it as soon as I obtained it and installed it. I was confused and scared I would break it. I started to mess around with some settings and tried to do some of the tricks I used in windows but they didn't work so I was scared and near instantly got rid of it. No I never went back to Ubuntu again. To this day I still don't use Ubuntu, instead I went with Linux Mint and am now using ArchBang.

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First time I used Linux was a Knoppix distro, think it was version 4. It had the version 1 Firefox on it as well. Good times. I still have the boot disk around, I was using it cause my hard drive is going under.

First time I ever used Linux it was BT4 (R2). It was a VM and I didn't stay with it for very long at all. I actually run mac OS 10 (Snow Leopard), but on my desktop I'm running Mint 11. I don't get to use it often though because I rarely go home. On mac I do a lot of my stuff through terminal anyways, and there it is exactly the same.

First time I ever used Linx I was 13 and it was the Ophcrack Live CD, I liked the simple interface of linux and soon downloaded an tested a couple of other distros, in fact an elderly relative of mine recently got a computer but is very slow when learning about technology (Can't even text, just calls) and I decided to start them on Linux because all they wanted was to be able to browse the internet and email, and Linux is much harder to break than Windows. I still use linux for Live CDs or bootable USB drives because it's easy, but I don't use it for much else.

The first distro that actually stuck for me was Mint. I have a desktop running it, but I don't get to play with it too often. I replaced the DE with KDE so I could play with it a bit easier than Gnome3. I enjoyed how simple it actually was to get up and running (although that might have been because I had just come off fighting with an Arch install for like 4 days) and it had a wicked fast shutdown that I thought was just so cool. One thing I noticed that I didn't like was this: when I open an application through terminal on my mac I type "open -a name" and it just opens. On Mint I would just type "name", but then the terminal would hang until the application was closed. Why can't I have terminal & firefox functioning?

the terminal 'hangs' because it treats the program you started from it as a foreground process, so you need to run it as a background process in order to retain the terminal prompt. In the terminal type the programs name followed by the '&' character, should do the trick.

Thank you very much! I will try that after I get my server back up.

Yea that happens to me sometimes you need to go to the actual app's saved location path and do ./firefox than it will run. I am actually triplebooted right now, Linux Mint 13 on a 20gb partition, Arch Linux on a 20gb partition (Had for about 2 months now), and Win 7 on a 50gb and a 200gb partition for apps. I also have a server running a de-xorg'ed LM 13 on an 80gb IDE hdd

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