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i have seen all the videos regarding the hacking environment but i still dont know what kind of operating system we need to question is that the kali linux i have to install in same way that i install my windows regularly or their is some kind of virtual environment we need to create from windows 8.1 or 7 or linux because in every tutorial they start from the software like virtual box or sometime terminals..... i want the hacking environment from fresh start and right now i have windows 8.1 so should i have to format and reinstall the kali linux or there is some other method.... please help....... this is so much confusing......

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Let me translate for you: I do not want to go through any additional steps to get to kali. I want kali up the moment my PC starts. How can I reformat my hard drive so that it supports a dual boot with my Windows 8.1? It is pretty confusing since I am new to this.

I both hate and respect this. Poor choice of words tho.

i know about the dual boot....... i just want to know that it is necessary to install kali linux or other operating system in other word can i use ms windows for practicing the hacks.....

yes you can, by using a virtual machin

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