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Hello and welcome to the program I need that will put pressure on the computer that manages the social pages, which features auto-defendant and automatic modes specifically it relates to the gambling site that not so reserved and sheidzleba mail, and the program has access to that refund automatically distributes I've long the program will draw the money Prior to the program, which one of you is aptly Marron raffled and ink can anyone help me please've gamoemkhmaurot and details shevtankhmet Thank you !!!

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can someone translate what this guy wants?

From what I understand:

You want a program that can hijack the refunds on a gambling site, through putting pressure on computer that manages the social pages and is secured, so that you can draw money without depositing.

So, you want to hijack the refunds on a gambling site by attacking the secured computer that manages social pages. And you want a program for doing this dirty work of yours.

-The Joker

I agree. It seems like he thinks we will just whip out a tidy tool for him to use freely in order to commit acts of fraud.

That's a big problem due to the stereotype about hacking. They think the best hackers are those who type random letters fastest and do whatever it is to be done. And that there are skiddie tools for everything, that can be run to hack anything. Probably it is also about some universal vulnerabilities.

The problem is, these realities cease to exist in our space-time continuum, as soon as we return from the stereotyped continuum which might or might not exist in some other universe. But, not here.

-The Joker

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