Forum Thread: How to Hack a Hotmail Acc?

Hello I would like to hack a hotmail account.

How can I do this? The only thing I know is the victim's email, and some info to create a dictionary...The problem is that I cannot do this with hydra. I have tried many times but it's impossible...any other way? thanks

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what do you mean by impossible with hydra?

I mean that it's not working...before I do anything first I try to hack my own password in my email...I created a small wordlist (6 passwords) which one of them is the correct one...and still it says not possible match found. I also tried in my gmail...same thing and also I had a message in my gmail from gmail team saying that someone was trying to enter my account and they block him...

Keep watching tutorials and learn the basic things!


hmm is there a tutorial with hydra for email acc?

Thats what I am doing but I think you know that is a bit hard to find some good tutorials....there are many videos on ytube etc... which are totally wrong... ;)

This is a white hat forum...

I am not a black hat hacker....I am not a hacker at all...I am more like a script kiddle for now. Even if I had the knowledge to hack something I wouldn't do it unless there was a very serious matter...A friend ask me for his favor and I searched the reason over and over again. I just want to read the emails nothing more nothing less...

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