Forum Thread: Hack My Login Form :)

I'm learning PHP and SQL so I made this simple login form bbut since I'm not good at hacking web applications and forms and Couldn't hack it...

Can anyone here hack it and tell me how to do it So I can know what a hacker is capable of in a simple script like this.

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8 Responses

Same as Phoenix here. We need a written permission.

Sounds like a honeypot...

I don't care about any written permission. I'll do it.

Just post the php file so I can review it... But something tells me that you do not own this webpage and thus you don't have it O.o

The page is mine ;)
Here I made the title Null Byte :) and added my name too !

Post the php file (the source code) so we can review it xD Won't need to hack it we can see the flaws

I know th flaws from the php file but I want to see if anyone can hack it without having that..

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