Forum Thread: Thc Hydra Problem/Misunderstanding

So I just found out about thc hydra and burp suite and I wanted to try it myself.
I tried using it to brute force my own instagram password, with a wordlist that has 3 passwords(mine too)

I followed this tutorial on doing that.

However when I run this command ;

hydra -l myusername -P passlist.txt http-post-form "/accounts/login:username:^USER^password:^PASS^&Login=Login:Login Failed"_

is says :

_Hydra ( starting at 2018-07-01 19:09:02
ERROR Wrong syntax, requires three arguments separated by a colon which may not be null: /accounts/login

Could someone please help me, I don't understand what is means, could somebody craft the command for me?

Here is the burp suite response:

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Oh lordy... how shall I explain this? Um... don't use hydra maybe? lolololol. Jokes aside... Hydra is not realiable and honestly with the new update it sucks even more. But... I see the issue here... see how you separate the username and password with a colon? That's incorrect. See how Burp suite uses '&'? I believe that's the issue there.

What should I use then instead of hydra?

Bruteforcing passwords doesn't work as well... try to find a different method to get into a system... for example, SQL Injections. The possibilities are endless... I just named one, but maybe do some more research? We've all mad those kinds of mistakes when first trying this art out, but we all learn from these mistakes.

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