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Just signed up and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am a college student in a somewhat unrelated field to IT, I do however have a very strong interest in network security and programming. Right now I am working through Learning Python by Mark Lutz and am picking up bits and piece on networks where I can. I'm liking the website and will try to work backward through all the posts. Any tips/websites feel free to send them my way, hopefully I will be contributing soon enough!

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Well, is always a good one. Also it is totally worthwhile to check this out:

Open terminal, type "python", enter python live env., type "help()", read carefully, explore and practice reading from there. It speeds things up. 

If your interested PM me and I may point you in the direction of another forum or two.

here you go; work through the game programming kid's book first (in separate within).. 5 exercises or so that will get you familiar with basic controlstruct/syntax. Then proceed to either zelle or summerfield do a few exercises from each chapter -- then go to whichever books you want, a few from each you'll be proficient. I'll probably delete this soon cause its linked to a personal account but in the interest of education ill trust my comrades...      

Always respect the sharing of knowledge. I grabbed it too for good measure, thanks Cory.

Much appreciated Cory, that thing looks awesome. I will start working on them is the order you recommended, I think I'll also continue to work on Learning Python as well

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