Forum Thread: I'm Back.. Probably

Hello all, I was a member of this community a few months ago, though some stuff happened which made me stop coming here that often. Anyway, I'm back, if anyone has any suspicions that I'm stealing an identity, they can notify OTW so he can decide if the account should be banned or not by making sure it's me (somehow).

I didn't want to just "come back" and I've been pretty interested in low-level stuff lately so I decided to create something that will ease some of my work, perhaps yours as well. It's basically a python script that lets you mess around with some shellcode without the need of some c programming and '-fno-stack-protector -z execstack' compiling (that is not really consistent around all systems from what I've seen).

Here's the link to it from my GitHub (pretty new with it, hope I get the hang of it soon enough)

I think I'll keep tinkering with it for a little while so you can expect new versions in time. Any feedback on the functionality would be appreciated.

Notice: Don't just run the script without having a look at it, I could be doing potentially damaging stuff to your system. Also, I'm sorry for anyone that got psychologically damaged reading the bad written code, hope you can recover! :D

That's it for now, I hope I'll continue contributing here, though I'm not certainly sure, we'll see about that. Wish you guys all the best and see you soon.

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This community is the best! I love it:)

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