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I should hack a computer (windows 7) using eternalblue

now, the computer is connected to a hidden wifi (not visible network) of which I do not know the password but with airodump I discovered the mac adress of the computer

first question:
eternalblue also works with computer ip in wan (so out of my wifi)?
second question:
would it be possible to convert the mac into ip and then use the ip in eternalblue?
it's a rather unusual request
but if you can help me I would be very happy

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Are you sure the target computer is vulnerable to eternal blue? Most have been patched. Also, if you are doing this over WAN, the target computer must be running SMB, which is unlikely unless it's a business computer.

thank you for answering
the computer I discovered was an old and not patched windows xp thanks to an error that showed the desktop
the computer only showed image playlists for a shop window
Was a kappa store
Maybe with a social eng. I can access to wifi password
Itwo computer showed this error one was xp one 7

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