Forum Thread: Metasploit Doesn't Work on Mobile Data.

why doesn't metasploit andorid payload work on mobile data?

I embed the metasploit payload into an original file and then hack androids no matter over wan or lan as long as the victim's phone is connected to WIFI but when he's connected to mobile data my Metasploit just opens "core commands" and I can't do commands like "pwd" or "webcam_snap".

any idea what should I do to get the full access to all commands like when his on WiFi?

This question has been asked on null-byte at least 4 times before but nobody has answered.

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Hello there and welcome to Null-Byte.

A very fine question you have asked which as aroused my curiosity as well, As when you connect to Mobile Data, Location is also quite difficult (Well what I was told is that its almost impossible) to get... Didn't know Meterpreter sessions can get like this....

Looking forward for a Decent answer. Good luck~


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