Forum Thread: Install Metasploit Framework in Termux No Root Needed M-Wiz Tool

*Metasploit in Termux No Root Installtion*

Metasploit is widely used most useful and a stable framework used in penetration testing of IOT based devices for open exploits and this framework is also used to hack Android, Windows, Mac and many more things, so even we can use this framework in android with help of termux app.

*>>> Now you need internet connection to continue further process...
>>> 2GB of internet and 2GB of storage for installation
>>> You can select any option by clicking on your keyboard

Note:- Don't delete any of the scripts included in core files*

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So let's install metasploit in termux now.....

Step 1: Install Termux and Update It

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y

$ pkg install python -y

$ pkg install python2 -y

$ pkg install git -y

$ pkg install perl -y

$ pip install lolcat

$ termux-setup-storage

Step 2: Open Termux and Git Clone the Tool

$ git clone

$ ls

$ cd $HOME/m-wiz

$ ls

$ bash

Now select option 1 in keyboard to install metasploit framework.

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After that, a version selection page popups and select your device android version if your device is running on 4.0.0 then you can choose option 1 in version page or else you can choose > 7.0.0 for installation, Now the installation process can take more than 30 Minutes depends on your android device so until it completes you can make a cup of coffee..... :)

Metasploit install More Info :

From this option you can install metasploit-framework in termux application without any issue in just one click and the installation can take time upto 30 minutes.

In metasploit v1.2 :

The low end device is supported to run metasploit a new version selection option has been added for 4.4 version devices and 6.0 version devices

Metasploit repair :
From this option you can repair metasploit-framework if it's not working properly in termux application.

Metasploit backup :

From this option you can backup your metasploit-framework into your device internal storage without any issue without losing any data.

Metasploit restore :
From this option you can restore your backed up metasploit-framework from your internal storage.

Metasploit delete :
From this tool you can delete your old metasploit-framework from your termux application easyli.

Delete script :
From this option you can delete m-wiz tool from your termux in one click.

Update script :
From this option you can update m-wiz tool if updates are available for that.

About :
From this option you can read about author.

Reboot :
From this option you can restart script if you are facing issues.

Exit :
From this option, you can exit from m-wiz tool

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*This tool is only for educational purpose. If you use this tool for other purposes except education we will not be responsible in such cases.*

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Please note that installing Metasploit requires an internet connection and may take up to 30 minutes. Also, ensure you have at least 1GB of free storage space on your device before proceeding with the installation.

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