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Hello everybody,

About one Year ago i registered me to Rapid7 to update Metasploit
and everything works fine on my machine.
I bought a new notebook installed my sytems and now this:

the e-mail address i used is gone because the service was going out of business and i forgot the password, so i think i make a new profil and update Metasploit (v 4.6.0-dev).

After the registration form i got a message that the Metasploit
product-key is not getting send outside USA and Canada without proving by some Agency or something like this.
Here is the message:

Thank you for your interest in Metasploit. In order to comply with United States export control regulations, all requests for Metasploit Community and Metasploit Pro outside of the United States or Canada must be reviewed by Rapid7 to determine if you are a restricted government end-user or otherwise ineligible to receive a product license key.

If the information you provide is incomplete or inaccurate, or you download Metasploit for or on behalf of a restricted government agency, we will not be able to issue a product license key to you at this time. However, you may still download Metasploit Framework by clicking here.

U.S. export control regulations prohibit Rapid7 from releasing Metasploit to most non-U.S. and non-Canadian government end-users without prior authorization. If you work for or on behalf of a government end-user and have any questions about the process, please contact your sales representative so that we can determine what kind of government agency you are and your eligibility to receive Metasploit.

Please note that Rapid7's review of Metasploit product license requests typically requires between 48 and 72 hours before decision is made and a product license key is issued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


So my question is: Is it right to scare the hell out of me and disconnect from web or did i only understand something wrong because im not really familiar with English and i maybe get it after about 72 hours?

Please help i'm not really want that some Agency have the eyes on me or my devices.

Thanks for Help

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I believe what the company is saying is that regardless of the license product key. You can still download the Metasploit framework by clicking where it tells you to in order to get the Metasploit framewok .That should provide you with your solution


Although you can't get the license key without getting validated by Rapid7.

Ah ok Thank you two!
I was really nervous about this and this link in the
e-mail was for me the big red "dont touch it" button.

Thanks for the fast Answer :D

YEAH Rapid7 send me the KEY :D

guys i am not getting the license key by mail...tried reinstalling ...but no hope....plssss help

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