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Question 1
Sqlmap doesnt require a password list??

Question 2
Which all types of databases can sqlmap hack??

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you will need to be more specific.

maybe you should try to use google sometimes? google can be the best teacher if you know where to look.

no offence, just trying to stimulate you to do your own research beforehand.

also, we have a series on database hacking here on null byte. perhaps your questions are answered there?


Yea I read the series and had questions about the series so I posted.. ;);)

I tried searching for my problem but it displays everything but my solution... :(

then could you take the time to explain your problem? i am not really getting it...


Its simple...
Question 1
Does sqlmap require a password list like the msf sql auxilliary?? If not then how does sqlmap grab the database??

Question 2

Like in the series there was a mysql 5.0 and apache server... which all types of databases ans servers can mysql penetrate??

1.) it depends on the method you use. some SQL injections require a password, some don't.

2.) i don't know that one for sure, actually. but i assume SQLmap can penetrate any SQL server as long as it's vulnerable.


Thank you really !!..

Dont know why my forum posts are getting so many -ve kudos.. but anyway thank you!! ;);)

probably because you don't include much detail in your questions. you should post your question like you did in your comment, and not just "1. does sqlmap require a password list??"


No but my botnet question.. it was thorough.. and legit... and there is a -5 on it...

but it wasn't detailed.


But -5 .. really that much??

@SE7EN :IDK I glanced at it. I would assume it is because The question looks like it is out of scope for you to ask.

Maybe better question would of been "How Do Botnets Work and What Are They Really Used For?" or something like that and still expect negative fall out. Which should not really matter because this is part of the learning process with your peers.

IMHO of course. Never take any of the neg stuff seriously, just grow from it.

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