Forum Thread: Organized List of Tutorials by Series. [EDITED and IMPROVED]

I love this site and use it a lot to learn new stuff but I find that if there is a series I am always digging for the next part of the article so to help combat this I am going to keep a list of tutorials that I follow and read. Feel free to contribute to this little project of mine.

Series Included:

(LINUX) Hack Like a Pro: Linux Basics for the Aspiring Hacker:
(EXPLOIT) Hack Like a Pro: Metasploit for the Aspiring Hacker:
(POST) Hack Like a Pro: Digital Forensics for the Aspiring Hacker:

G-doc link: List

Contribute here: Contribute

Please contribute ones you like, also creators I encourage you to post your series here to help the people who enjoy your content!

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2 Responses

I think what would make this better would be to make a list in order of the hacking sequence (i.e., recon, scanning, analysis, exploiting, etc.).

Agreed, this will help new peeps learn in the correct order.

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