(Reviewed) Question: Proxyham/ProxyGambit, the New Way to Be a Little More Anonymous on Wi-Fi?

So as I was reading the https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/forum/hornet-onion-ring-routing-network-0163393/ Hornet Onion post I followed the link and read the "news". But I caught an eye another interesting report: Proxyham - How to access Wi-Fi anonymously from miles away - http://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-access-wi-fi-anonymously-from-miles-away/

Aparentely its a Rpy with three antennas and a small piece of software and it was designed as a complement to the Tor network. One peculiar thing I've noticed is that you need to plug a 900Mhz antenna (yagi style or other) to your ethernet port.

Image via softpedia-static.com

They afirm "This gives users the ability to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots up to 2.5 miles away -- and if traced, the only IP address on record is of the Proxyham box, which is planted conveniently away from the physical user."

They are selling the product for 200$ and its to be annouced/shown at next Defcon, but guess what, the creator plans to release the plans and source code for free (not saying when).

In my opinion RaspberryPy is system very ease to use and using some mods it can turn out a realy powerfull sidekick to anonymity. Ok you have to spent money but you can reuse it (RPy)for other proposes.

What do you think? To much money and resourses or its a cool idea?

It was called to my attention that this project died and I was sad. Never the less I found out there is a percursor of it ProxyGambit

Same base, a Raspberry Py and working

Image via samy.pl

It looks a bit more complex but its worth peeking. In its page you can find the building plans and software.

ProxyGambit Page

Full Story here proxyhamm


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5 Responses

The article has been updated to say the project has been nuked, without explanation. I'm sure that government involvement had nothing to do with screwing over a project that aids anonymity over the net. Honest.

Craaaaaaaap, now I'm sad.

Well, one out of three: Many money or Govermental envolve or some big product issue (not any sort of anonymity).

I wouldn't worry. The genie is out of the bottle so undoubtedly another company will create and market another, identical product whilst promoting it's legitimate uses. Governments will kick off so the company will base itself offshore in some random tax haven and products will reach markets. That's capitalism baaaaby.

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