Forum Thread: Shoot lasers out of your PC?

Well i had to use that title to tickle your eye but after all that is what my question sort off

So... here is the situation we all got (well me ) a laptop and those laptops come with a nifty CD/DVD reader which when opened shows the laser aswell not like those traditional pc readers where the laser part would be in the casing ... so this got me thinking is it possible and if so could someone write or give me heads up on how to write (please let it be python) a program which will allow the laser diode to fire up even when the Cd tray is open ... that would make one hell of a decoration in my room

And lastly i would kindly ask for the tutorials be linux based because that is what i am running

Thank You for making my room look like a Pink Floyd Concert

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Try looking into the modules mentioned on this page and investigating each one and how it communicates with the hardware. It might also be worth looking at the cd module which, though deprecated, might give you useful hints for you to create your own ideas if all else fails. As Phoenix already said, Python is not a low-level language by nature – you would be much better off using C for this particular task.

That being said, please change your title to avoid irritating others. It seems as though you are craving more attention than you require.


Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the title

Now about the code ... ok i could live with the fact that its harder or impossible to achieve with python but all i really wanted to know is that there is no hardware limitation regarding the laser being fired while the tray is open

Everything can be hacked

Also you might be better off buying Neon lights. Those lasers are really strong and could damage your eyes.

I thought this article had malicious vibes, like having the diode continuously on until it somehow burns through the casing.

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