SPLOIT: Cyber Weaponized Drones to Spy on Targets.

Greetings My Fellow Hackers,

It is with sadness that I bring to you this little revelation I came across while doing my normal Internet News surfing. Our own Hacking Team who got hacked recently have been discovered to be engaged in Drone Weaponry.

Email Leaks from the Hacking Team have revealed that a robotic aircraft has been developed by the spyware company to attack computers, smartphones and devices that use the Internet through Wi-Fi networks.

A Little Revision On Snoopy

Snoopy ( SensePost ), the hacking drone that can hack smartphones and steal personal data, all without a user's knowledge by exploiting handsets looking for a wireless signals.

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Now, the email conversations posted on WikiLeaks website reveal that both Boeing and Hacking Team want unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) called Drones to carry out attacks that inject spyware into target computers or mobile phones via WiFi.

The U.S. drone company Boeing subsidiary Insitu intern became interested in using surveillance drones to deliver Hacking Team's Remote Control System Galileo for even more surveillance.

Among the emails, co-founder Marco Valleri gave a roadmap of projects that Hacking Team have underway, including Tactical Network Injector (TNI) — a piece of hardware designed to inject malicious code into Wi-Fi networks, making it act as a malicious access point to launch man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks or exploits.

To develop a way to infect computers via drone, Hacking Team employee Andrea Di Pasquale was given a task of developing a "mini-TNI":

  • Ruggedized
  • Transportable by a drone

How The Drone Attacks Its Target

Should a target make use of a public Wifi network in a hotel or a coffee shop to connect his/her device to the Internet, the drone could intercept the traffic and inject the malicious code that secretly installs Hacking Team spyware.

The mini-TNI request was originated from the US-based Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing that makes a range of unmanned aircraft systems, including the small ScanEagle surveillance drone and RQ-21A Blackjack.

A Message From Venneri To The Hacking Team

"We see potential in integrating your Wi-Fi hacking capability into an airborne system drone and would be interested in starting a conversation with one of your engineers Hacking Team staff to go over, in more depth, the payload capabilities including the detailed size, weight, and power specs of your Galileo System." - Giuseppe

Is The National Security Agency Involved

The email conversation was still in the early stages as of the Hacking Team's leak, so you do not have to worry about drones. Also, it is not clear as to who the customers for the Hacking team's spying drones would be.

Though the NSA is very much fond of spyware and surveillance software, there are chances that NSA or other United States agencies would line up as customers of the Hacking Team's Spying drones. Now, you don't have to be surprised if drones are eventually doing a lot more than just snapping pictures.

So What Now ?

We just wait for World War III ( 3 ). You know we try everyday to keep our devices unhackable and unreachable from hackers and the government but the very systems we use everyday are our own very weaknesses. We can't do away with Technology now but what we can do is try harder to make our systems secure. How can we make our systems secure when we can't control them or instruct them. From the bottom of my heart, A little word:

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Lets hear your views and thoughts on this Unmanned Drones.

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you know what is funny? i designed a hacking drone a year ago with the raspberry pi! it was ment to do exactly just that!

i would mount the pi on my drone with an external battery for the pi and a wifi chipset that would allow monitor mode, and then write a script in python and bash that would put the USB dongle in monitor mode, scan for nearby networks, and exploit them.

however, i had a "noob drone" and not a professional one. so i abanndoned the project once i found out it couldn't lift the pi off the ground (which means it probably couldn't lift the battery and the usb dongle aswell). so it never even leaved the painting table, actually.

perhaps i should buy a professional drone and pick up the project again? if i do, i promise i will post to null byte!


Funny ... Will be looking forward to your success.

# Sergeant

Sounds like an awesome setup! Are you sure a Drone is the best setup? Afterall in a city type enviornment it is likely to be detected? Have you tried just carrying the RPi in a backpack and walking around, that is probably a pretty sweet way... Also.. You wouldn't happen to have the code for this? I am really interested in this concept and would love to hear more.

don't underestimate drones. with my "kiddie drone", i flew 10 meters high and i couldn't hear it anymore. it is pretty stealthy.

unfortunately i don't have any code, because i abandoned the project the moment i knew my drone couldn't lift my RPI

If you could you should have attached it to a remote control car, That would be fun...

Big Brother would be proud of this project.

big brother already has things like this (will be writing an article about big brother and his uncle Sam soon enough)


I think this NSA and this new IT world government domination and surveillance thing is quite difficult. Why don't they come to our residence, knock on our door and ask for our private data and information. That way, would be very easy. Drones !!!!. Cyber Weapons. Just start world world 3 already. And I loved your Privacy is dead quote. +1

Thanks Joe

( Sorry, didn't notice your comment )

# Sergeant

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