Forum Thread: How to Track Someone Knowing Just Theyre Cellphone Number?

How do you know where someone is by knowing their
Cellphone number??

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You call them and ask.


not going to lie that cracked me up

There are actually actually many ways you can find things with just a phone number. The easiest is to pay $3 for a reverse phone lookup which will tell you the name of the person who registered the phone number. Once you have that, you can find their address and other personal stuff with something like white pages.

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He's wanting GPS coordinates of said person; reverse phone lookup won't do this.


Of course it won't. But a reverse phone lookup can still give you things like names. And one clue will lead to another... :D. I appreciate you correcting me though, it is important for people to know that reverse phone lookups actually only give you very little information.

If you don't want the recipient to know you are the one who wants to know, you could hide your ID and ask it with some Social Engineering mentality, such as, let's say, you ask a friend to call for a short (fake) survey with a chance to win something, perhaps?

Blocking your caller id will just make them suspicious. It would be much better to spoof your caller id.

By looking at them... The phones a red herring unless You are making the misassociation between phone number, phone owner, and said hardware in said owners possession because without physical eye's on 'em Your just guessing. You run a ohs region or the whole thing?


Given the metadata from the phone company, you can pinpoint their location to within 100 yards. If GPS is enabled, it is even more precise.

You should do a tutorial on this, OTW. :D

Don't quite understand could someone plz help me out

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