Forum Thread: What Happened to Slowloris?

Hmm... I recently watched a presentation on DDOS, their layers, and their many players (lulsec, the j3st3r) and it mentioned Slowloris. I have not used slowloris in about a 4 months. I was able to execute the perl script on iOS, but I wanted it for my Kali Linux distro. However, it seems the website, ha.ckers was down. Does anybody have any ideas what happened?

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2 Responses

Deprecation. Slowloris is a pretty outdated tool. I never found it useful.

I think github has a copy of it. I downloaded it from ha.ckers a while ago myself. Check out SlowHTTPTest and use the -H argument. It's the same concept but gives much more feedback about the site you're hitting while the attack is in progress than Slowloris ever did.

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